Blog de dev' Asylamba: Influence (EN) Asylamba: Influence will be released in May 2018

Asylamba: Influence will be released in May 2018

Hello and welcome to the announcement of the release of Asylamba - Influence, the brand new game of the RTFM Corp. studio!

What is Influence?

This is a game based on the Asylamba world. It's single player. It's made for Windows, MacOS and Linux. It's a war of cultural influence between different civilizations of the galaxy of the Eye. It combines aspects of a puzzle-game with a nervous real time strategy game. And it's on Steam, soon!

Screenshot of a campaign menu

The release on Steam

The day of the release is now known. Take out your diaries and note: May 23, 2018 at 7pm CEST (or 10am PDT). The game will be available on Steam and you can already visit it by clicking on the image below.

Steam page of the game

We are delighted to make you discover this title, of which we are, we must admit, quite proud.

Now you can tell your friends about the game. Feel free to follow and add the game to your wish list on Steam. That would help us a lot! Thanks in advance <3.

Meetup in Lausanne to present the game

The RTFM Corp. team will present the game in a meetup for Swiss video game developers in two weeks. It will take place at the QWERTZ bar in Lausanne on Wednesday 9 May 2018 at 7:30pm. The audience will be mainly video game designers, but we thought you'd be interested to see what happens there. That's why our little presentation will be live on Twitch !

So if you're interested, I already give you the Twitch link to the event --> direct link to the Twitch live

Meetup and Twitch logos

NB: the talk will be held in French.

You want to contribute?

Maybe you're reading this article saying, "Too cool, but can I help them by any chance?". And the answer is YES! Here what you can do:

1. Contact with youtubers, journalists and so on

We're currently gathering names of potential youtubers or Twitch streamers willing to create a let's play of the game. If you know (or are) a youtuber, you can send us their info. The same applies if you know journalists or blogs/websites/forums related to strategy game. It'll really useful.

2. Translations

The game is currently in French, English, German, Italian and Russian. Not everything is 100% translated into all languages, but the majority is. The Steam page is only in French and English.

If your mother tongue is one of those languages and you either want to correct the texts or translate the ones that are not, let's talk ;)

And finally, if someone's native language is not on this list and you want to translate the entire game into another language, please contact us as well. I am thinking, for example, of Spanish, Portuguese, Brazilian Portuguese and Polish, but we are also open to other languages.

3. Talking about it

And of course, a standard and easy way to help the project is to relay the launch and/or trailer information on social networks as well as to your gamer buddies, communities or other. Make them wishlist the game! It's cooool.

There, I'm coming to the end of this article. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. We are available here in the comments, but also by mail at


The RTFM Corp team.

PS: To be kept informed by email, you can enter your address below:

Commentaires (2)


Génial ! J'attends la sortie avec impatience, Influence est maintenant au top de ma wishlist !

(PS: vous auriez pas des p'tits boutons partage sur FB, Twitter et autres réseaux d'interconnexion socialement enrichissants ? Comment ça j'ai la flemme de copier coller un lien sur mon mur !? ^^)

Drakehinst, 1er mai 2018, 8h17


Hey Drake. Merci pour ton soutien. On attend aussi ça avec impatience ;)

Ps: Non, pas vraiment de boutons de partage, mais il te suffit de coller ce lien : avec par exemple le texte : "Le jeu Influence va sortir le 23 mai sur Steam, enfin ! J'ai testé la démo, ça en vaut la peine. Et hop, ajouté à ma liste de souhaits". ;) ;) ;)

Oxymore, 1er mai 2018, 14h06

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